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Meet The Neem Project

Going New Paths in Farming Neem

Our mission is to set new standards in the supply of Neem, enabling an improved commercial experience. We grow first class Neem on 5'000 hectares of previously uncultivated land in Paraguay, South America. This allows us to provide high standardised quality and satisfy high quantity demands.

The Neem Project is the result of combining 25 years of experience in the cultivation and processing of Neem with the broad management expertise of a German investor. 

For the Novices - Why Neem?

It can help with

Why Neem

For Professionals - Our Services

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Neem can help maintain a healthy gut flora, while it’s anti-inflammatory properties help to remove discomfort and provide relief for stomach infections.

Dermatological Diseases

Neem exhibits anti-inflammatory properties and functions as an antioxidant, thereby supporting fast and full recoveries.

Dental Problems

Millions of people use twigs as toothbrushes or Neem enhanced toothpaste.  It prevents and heals gum inflammations and periodontal disease.

Restless-Legs-Syndrom (RLS)

As recently discovered, some patients with a Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) diagnosis show no more RLS symptoms such as insomnia, chronic fatigue and exhaustion when taking powdered Neem leave capsules.

Pest Control

Neem regulates insect growth, deters feeding habits and works as a sterilant  and is therefore commonly used as a biological pesticide in sustainable pest management. 

Climate Change

Through its fast growth, the Neem tree exhibits a high potential for carbon sequestration and plays a vital role in climate change mitigation.


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