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Our Neem farm is in full bloom again

What a beautiful scene to see - not just our older First-Class Neem trees bear flowers again after a very short time, but also our very young trees, which are only 10 months old. This is more than spectacular in comparison to other growing regions such as India or Kenya. Not only validates this incredibly early fruit bearing our method of plant breeding and nurturing, but it also showcases the unique opportunity the Paraguayan climate offers in building the world’s best and largest Neem plantation. Having two harvests per year enables us to significantly increase our crop yields and create neem products all year long. This is unique in Neem cultivation. So, we are able to supply more of our excellent raw materials in flowers, fruits, bark and of course leaves to our own production and also to supply larger quantities to our customers. In addition to the well-known products – leaves, oil, extracts - we can also produce novel and unique products from the flowers – Floral Water and Essential Oil which meet the highest quality standards. Most importantly, all our products pass rigid lab tests by German independent laboratories to prove the highest quality available on the market.

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