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Flower harvest on our Neem tree farm

In Paraguay, spring is just around the corner. But the rain showers of the past days have already wrapped the trees in a beautiful blossom dress. After our Neem trees have survived the dry season well, we are now facing a 10-month harvest period - including Neem flowers. 150 to 250 of these flowers are on an approx. 30-centimetre-long risp, up to triple-branched inflorescence. When the flowers are fully developed, they fall from the tree and are caught in the net that is stretched under the trees. So, we do not harvest by shaking in order not to impair the root system and root development of the fairly young trees. The fallen flowers are immediately transported to the nearby processing site. There they are processed fresh in a steam still. The final result is an essential oil containing valuable active ingredients in a highly concentrated form. This oil is completely natural and is excellently suited for functional cosmetics, which is a good supplement to medical preparations for skin diseases. We hope that this spring will enable us to have a rich harvest and to offer a good range of valuable oils to our customers.

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