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Our Growth Cycle

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

At our Neem plantation we like to keep things simple. We have five different growth stages to mark the development stages of our trees.

1. Germination-Stage

We begin the Neem journey in our tree nursery where we germinate our own seeds. This process takes a few weeks until we derive at small sapling, ready to be planted on our prearranged fields.

The seeds are germinating

2. Sapling Stage

In the sapling stage, we plant the juvenile trees on our farm. For this, we prepare the land and make sure the distribution follows our planting plan and only mature saplings are planted. This guarantees a high rate, both in the efficiency of using our seeds and in the success of our planting.

Moving from the pleasant shadow in our tree nursery to being planted in the field.

Who would have thought this little sapling above will soon be a representative Neem tree in Stage I? From planting to knee-high pass only 1-2 months.

3. Stage I

All trees that successfully changed their appearance from that of a sapling to an actually tree are Stage I trees.

On the right side is a nicely taken shot of Stage I Neem trees. The saplings have been planted only one month ago and are ready knee-high. This shows the high growth potential on our previously uncultivated land.


4. Stage II

Stage II includes all neem trees which are higher than a meter and have not yet had their first harvest. In general, every Neem tree spends around 2 years in Stage II.

The trees on the left are experiencing their second year growth when the rain is coming in October. When the humidity is sufficient, the Stage II trees are fast growing and cover the land with a green blanket.

4. Stage III

Our stage III trees are the trees that make the effort worth it. These trees are ready to be harvested and clearly show the beauty of the Neem tree. Below you can see an aerial view on neatly planted Sage III Neem trees.

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